Now Offering Palliative Care to Those with Advanced, Progressive Conditions.

The Palliative Care Program of Ogeechee Area Hospice is being developed based on the specific needs of our residents with advanced, progressive conditions. The goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals living at home, in assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.
With the development of our Palliative Care Program, we are expanding our services to support a broader, but specific population; those who are facing severe, chronic disease, with a history of problematic symptoms.
Our nurses will collaborate with the patient and their physician to develop a plan of care that meets each patient’s individual needs. Other palliative care professionals may also be involved in the patients care. The patient is NOT required to have a six month prognosis. The patient can receive traditional medical treatment while in the Palliative Care Program, and receive traditional home health services and other community services while benefiting from palliative care.

Patients Who Qualify for Palliative Care...

  • Must live within the service area of Ogeechee Area Hospice and have a physician willing to assume medical management of the patient including, but not limited to, prescribing responsibilities for symptom control.

  • Has serious, chronic illness with symptoms that require professional oversight to ensure optimal stability

  • May also be prone to episodes of acute symptoms requiring emergency room visits or hospitalizations

  • Has advanced cancer and is still receiving aggressive treatment and has a serious illness and desires counseling concerning advance care planning.

What to Expect

Palliative Care differs from Hospice care in that Palliative Care focuses on individuals in the chronic stage of a serious illness, while Hospice Care focuses on the comfort and quality of an individual’s illness. Patients CAN receive traditional medical treatment with Palliative Care Services whereas with Hospice Care, aggressive treatment is not an option.
The Hospice medical director must approve the patient’s admission, however the primary physician makes all medical decisions and orders all medications for Palliative Care.

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